Health and fitness is who I am. It's what I do.

Few Words About ME


I know that persistence is the key to success. triumph.

Hey! Ok cool so you’ve seen the photos, but what’s my story…

‍From a non-athletic background growing up and having a very slim frame, I was definitely the beta male out of the crowd. I’ve always had an ‘all or nothing’ attitude towards life, so as I fell into training through going along with a mate and began to see results, I was hooked. This was around when Instagram was still fairly new and I began sharing my journey and love for lifting. As I progressed and developed my physique, I started to attract a following. This brought me into the eyes of various well known fitness photographers and through working with them, kickstarted my social media presence and enabled me to reach out and to inspire more people. Soon enough, a demand for helping people using my experience and knowledge that I had accumulated from years of self education, self-experience and research came about. And I quickly found myself creating a business as to where I was helping and supporting hundreds globally on transforming their physiques.

There are various methods of training aimed at achieving different types of goals within fitness, whether that be Powerlifting, Cross-fit, Strongman or Bodybuilding to name a few. For me, it was all about aesthetics. I thrived to build a physique that was aesthetically pleasing to the eye and took inspiration from the Golden Era of bodybuilding. Through this, I wanted to showcase my physique on stage and thus got into the competitive side of the industry. Starting out in the ‘Mens Physique’ division, I’ve competed in several shows within the ‘IFBB’ in which I’ve either won, or placed top 3. As of 2018 and following a long off-season of building muscle, I transitioned over to the ‘Classic Physique’ division, where in November 2018 I travelled out to Italy to compete in my first ‘IFBB’ pro qualifier within that division and came away with a win and just shy of my pro card in the overall. The quest to turn pro still continues and I have several shows lined up in 2019.

Bodybuilding and social media has taken me all over the world and has enabled me to connect with top fitness icons and influencers. Together, we have shared the passion for health and fitness, whether that be collaborating or expeditions and inspired people from all over the world. Producing content and sharing my journey through social media continues to be an extremely fulfilling experience and I am so excited to able to offer my knowledge to anyone who seeks it. It’s never too late to start your journey and if you feel you have the dedication and consistency within you to begin, I’d love to help you achieve your goals.